Paper or EDC

When beginning a clinical trial the sponsor needs to decide whether to use paper case report forms (CRFs) to collect study data or to use an electronic data capture (EDC). The primary consideration for most organisations is up front costs.

At Mobius Medical, we believe that basing your decision solely on up-front costs may not offer the best overall benefit for your study. In order to build and validate an EDC, there can be slightly greater initial costs than printing paper CRFs. However, the savings associated with the expedited data cleaning process and data lock being achieved faster far outweigh the up front costs.

The Mobius Medical EDC is a highly cost effective clinical web-based database solution, which we have specifically designed at an affordable price due to the lack of licensing fees and expensive ongoing hosting costs.

We’d be happy to provide a webinar based demo of the system and a cost estimate for your next clinical trial.