Using a pioneering procedure, a Sydney surgery team have replaced the valves on two hearts while they were still beating.

Traditionally, patients have their hearts stopped and a bypass is used while the valves are repaired. In this ground-breaking operation, doctors implanted artificial valves inside the patient while their hearts continued to beat.

Each patient suffered from a common condition called mitral valve regurgitation whereby the valve between the left ventricle and left atrium does not entirely close, resulting in blood running back into the lungs instead of through to the aorta.

Surgeons have great hope that this procedure will help save the lives of many people at risk of heart failure each year.

Mobius Medical has partnered more than seventy companies in their endeavours to develop their medical technology and reach the end user – the patient.

Today, the team at Mobius Medical was excited to read a report in Australia’s premier newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, regarding a ground breaking medical device currently being trialled here in Australia.

Mobius, the local CRO and Australian sponsor for this first in man clinical trial across Australia, are thrilled to be a part of the development of this life saving technology.

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Photo: Peter Rae