Choose the Right CRO

Your early phase trial is crucial. You can’t just rely on anyone to monitor your trial, and the inexperience and turnover of staff in the larger CROs is worrisome.

Choosing a company that has the resources to accommodate your project, yet is small enough to remain flexible is vital. In the end, you want a company that can handle the complexities of your trial, make logical suggestions for optimising protocol implementation, and produces final data sets as quickly as possible.

Look for a personal approach from the executive team, so you know that your trial will be handled professionally, regardless of what situations present themselves.

So how will you know a CRO is the right choice for your trial? Ensure the company has the expertise in the therapeutic field, a sound knowledge of the key players, an ability to successfully manage your trial from beginning to completion, and a clear appreciation of the timelines according to the clinical development plan.

Monitors should be able to quickly pick up and follow your procedures or their own, have an in depth practical knowledge of GCP, be personable and create solid relationships with site staff and all key team members.

The CRO can make all the difference when it comes to your early clinical trial’s success and Mobius Medical is your first choice.